Scientists of the BME department took part in a scientific and practical conference


Scientists of the BME Department, Professor Oleg Avrunin and Associate Professor Natalia Shushlyapina, took part in the scientific and practical conference “Topical issues of children’s and adult otolaryngology in wartime”, which was held on 18 March at the Ternopil Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital. The main goal of the conference was to improve the qualifications and continuous development of doctors and teachers in the field of otorhinolaryngology, to acquire practical skills, to improve the provision of medical care to the population, to consider the possibilities of modern diagnostic tools and endoscopic technologies in minimally invasive ENT surgery. In particular, the reports were considered, including postoperative management of victims with mine-blast trauma of the ENT organs; issues related to the technique of endoscopic maxillary sinusotomy, diagnostic capabilities of computed tomography of the ENT organs, and others.

At the end of the event, the participants had the opportunity to communicate and ask questions to the conference speakers.

Participation in such a medical conference allowed us to formulate interesting questions related to nasal aerodynamics, who are studied by biomedical engineering specialists.

The exchange of experience with practicing doctors is a way to improve the quality of teaching the practical aspects of biomedical equipment, to form relevant topics for qualification works of students of all levels and to expand the scientific topics in general, which contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular, to Goal 3 – Good Health.

Scientists of the BME department took part in a scientific and practical conference