NURE will continue online education


A meeting of the Defense Council of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration has decided to allow the resumption of traditional offline education in educational institutions.
However, due to the proximity to the border with the aggressor country, education at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics will continue in an online format.
The distance from Kharkiv to the border with the Russian Federation is about forty kilometers.  And in our region, the estimated approach time of an S-300 missile is less than one minute. These are the missiles that are used to strike Kharkiv. Even if the staff and students have time to evacuate to the university shelter, unfortunately, it will not be able to provide one hundred percent safety in the event of a direct hit by a Russian missile.
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics was one of the first to start working with the Moodle learning platform back in 1997. And it has been actively using it since the “dot-com” era. Therefore, we can confidently say that we can provide quality online education for all students of NURE.