NURE students took part in “Playful Contest 2”


December 12 on the basis of Lviv National University named after  Ivan Franko in the online format was held a competition in programming “Playful Contest 2”. Three teams of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, led by Associate Professor of Software Engineering Department Alexander Vechur, attended the event: “Kitties” consisting of Nikita Safonov (PZPI-19  -1) and Marina Baranova (group ITSHI-19-4), KhNURE_Brainstorm consisting of Dmytro Rudenko (group PZPI-17-2), Ivan Yevtushenko (group PZPI-17-2) and Emilia Kibenko (group PZPI  -17-2) and [KhNURE] Energy is not over consisting of Matviy Aslandukov (SShim-20-2), Andriy Shanin (IPZm-19-1) and Oleg Vallas (IPZm-19-1)  ).

Not only standard algorithmic tasks were presented at the contest, but also tasks with initial data, for which there were texts, pictures, sounds and videos.

According to the results of the competition, the team [KhNURE] Energy is not over got the best result and won the first place.