NURE scientists conduct research in ecological direction


As part of the implementation of the tasks of NURE regarding the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, scientists at the KITAR department conduct research in an ecological direction.

Prof. Nevlyudov I. , Assoc. prof. I. V. Zharikova, Assoc. prof. Chala O. O., Assoc. prof. S. S. Maksimova published the article “Automatic Machine of Plastic Bottles and Aluminum Cans Collection for Recycling” in the international scientific journal “Journal of Universal Science Research».

The work is devoted to the development of automatic equipment for the collection of secondary raw materials from plastic and aluminum in order to send it for further processingу.

This direction of research is extremely relevant throughout the world within the framework of achieving Goal 12. Ensuring the transition to rational models of consumption and production from the list of Sustainable Development Goals and corresponds to the principles of “Reduce, reuse, recyclee».

The teachers of the department also involve students in the implementation of diploma projects on the specified subject and encourage the search for optimal engineering solutions from the point of view of environmental friendliness and safety during the implementation of developments in the field of automation and robotics of production, intelligent technologies, smart houses and smart cities.

NURE scientists conduct research in ecological direction