NURE is the winner of the Ukrainian-American scientific competition on cybersecurity


Rector of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Valerii Semenets, started the implementation of the project “Quantum technologies for the protection of modern 5G networks” by signing a grant agreement. This project of the interdisciplinary research team of KNURE became the winner of the competition on cybersecurity of the USA and Ukraine 2021, organized by the Civil Research and Development  Foundation of the USA (CRDF Global). The project will analyze, design, create and apply quantum computing and quantum-stable methods to ensure the security of modern 5G networks.

This project brings together the scientific community of several universities (University of Colorado Springs, USA and NURE), which will carry out research in 2021-2022. The scientific director of the Ukrainian team is Gennady Halimov, Head of the Department of Security of Information Technology, and the project coordinator is Maxim Kolesnik, associate professor of Economic Cybernetics and Economic Security Management Department. Technical support will be provided by the Development Office.