NURE has won 3 Jean Monnet: modules of the EU Erasmus+ Program


Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics has won three Jean Monnet projects under the Erasmus+ Program following the results of the European Commission’s selection in 2023. Every year, NURE is increasingly introducing European experience and values into Ukrainian education.

The winners were the teams of NURE teachers Oleksii Turuta, Department of IP (Andriy Kovalenko, Olesia Barkovska, Olena Turuta), Iryna Kolupaieva (Yurii Romashov, Lidiia Piddubna, Petro Lashyn, Andrii Tkachenko, Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene, Laszlo Vertesy) and Yurii Romashov (Daryna Nienova, Kateryna Stetsenko, Tetiana Tkachova).

The first project is called RI4business: European experience in research and innovation for business development. The overall goal of the project is to research and disseminate the European approach to research and innovation, product creation, and business development.

The second is Eco4Smart Ukraine-EU: Circular Economy solutions 4 Smart and Sustainable Cities. The overall goal of the project is to draw the attention of the Ukrainian community to the need for circular economy solutions for the development of smart cities and the sustainable future of each country in order to promote integration and cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union by implementing best practices and strategies for change and reconstruction.

The third is DEAPEPL: Developing a digital education action plan and ways to popularize it in neighboring countries to strengthen EU political leadership. The main objectives are aimed at promoting the Digital Education Action Plan among higher education stakeholders in the EU’s neighboring countries using Ukraine as an example and include the development of several specific means of promoting digital education.