“Kharkiv IT Cluster recommends” awards were given to IT specialities at NURE


On December 28, on the eve of the New Year holidays, “Kharkiv IT Cluster recommends” awarded the representatives of IT specialities at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.
The following distinctions were awarded:
educational program “Software Engineering” specialty 121 – “Software Engineering”, Department of Software Engineering;
educational program “Computer Engineering” specialty 123 – “Computer Engineering” of the Department of Electronic Computers.

These educational programs were recommended to applicants for admission in 2020 by Kharkiv IT Cluster companies AltexSoft and NIX Solutions.  Specialists of these companies, who fruitfully cooperate with the representatives of the mentioned departments in the Kharkiv IT Cluster projects, reviewed and updated the training materials within the educational programs.  Therefore, students who will study with them will receive the latest and highest quality knowledge.

“It is difficult to overestimate the role of education in the development of IT professionals.  It is very important for us that educational institutions provide the maximum quality of training, and it is very gratifying that now free economic zones are open to cooperation in this direction.  It is also possible to note the rather high quality of preparation of educational programs and the minimum necessity of intervention in them.  This is very gratifying and inspires optimism about the development of synergies between IT business and education”, said Victor Shalnev, CEO of NIX Solutions.

“This project is one of the first steps, within which synergy and productive cooperation between representatives of IT business and technology education is possible.  The team of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics made a lot of efforts to receive these awards.  And next year we do not plan to rest on its laurels, but will continue to work actively on the development of IT education in “Kharkiv IT Cluster projects”, commented the First Vice-Rector of NURE and one of the initiators of cooperation Igor Ruban.

“Kharkiv IT Cluster recommends” awards were given to IT specialities at NURE