Football field of NURE


A mini-football field with artificial turf and electric lighting was built at the NURE stadium at the expense of the University and the Radiotechnic sports club. This made it possible to hold mini-football classes and competitions with the local community with local schools and universities from morning till night.

Thus, according to the curriculum for students, teachers of the Department of FVS organized classes for groups of specialization (OFP) and groups of sports improvement (national teams of Ukrainian and foreign students) in football. During the academic year, the University Cup is held among the national teams of faculties and dormitories.

There are also regular classes with the participation of teachers and staff of the university, which allows them to maintain good physical condition.

On weekends and in the evening, various tournaments take place on the site, in which city residents have the opportunity to participate. For example, twice a year (for 3 months) is the traditional Cup “IT-League”, which involves about 30 teams consisting of graduates and students of our NURE, as well as representatives of IT-companies. Kharkiv (

During the year, the Kharkiv Cup of mini-football among KFC ( and the Elite Tournament ( take place on the site, in which everyone can take part.

Football field of NURE