Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

Biomedical engineering is a branch of science and technology that combines engineering, medical and biological knowledge, tools and methods for creation, improvement and research of natural and artificial biological objects, equipment, materials and medical devices, technologies and technical diagnostic systems, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of human diseases, as well as software and information technology to solve applied and fundamental problems of biology and medicine.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering trains specialists (Bachelor, Master) in speciality 163 – Biomedical Engineering (BME) of the BME educational program.
Postgraduate and doctoral students are also trained in specialty 163 – biomedical engineering.

The training bases of the department are the Regional Clinical Hospital, SO «Grigoriev Institute for Medical Radiology and Oncology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine», Ukrainian Research Institute of Prosthetics, Prosthetic Construction and Rehabilitation, Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, X-ray Equipment Plant  “Kvant”.

Students, graduate students and staff of BME Department in educational and scientific activities use unique software and hardware for biomedical purposes of the world’s leading companies – Siemens, General Electrics, Varian, Philips, AGFA. The branch of the Department in UkrRI of prosthetics, prosthetic construction and recovery provides equipment of its own production, which is used for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.In recent years, BME Department actively cooperates with universities and research institutes of PRC (China), Poland, Germany on the programs TEMPUS, ERASMUS +, DAAD, NATO. With support of international scientific grants, our research laboratories receive equipment that expands the range of scientific research and improves the training of highly qualified specialists in the biomedical field.

One of the main BME Department activities is research and development of new medical devices, electronic tools and software in the field of healthcare, inclusive education, sports medicine, ecology, nanotechnology, biophotonics and electrochemical analysis.

Oleh Avrunin

Head of Department

Oleh Avrunin

Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Member of EMC, Member of STC Presidium, Deputy Head of the Section 4 of STC, Deputy Head of Specialized Scientific Council, Member of the Audit Commission of the NURE Alumni Association, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor


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KhNURE Biomedical Engineering