DAAD German-Ukrainian Autumn Schools 2021


We invite students, graduate students, doctoral students to take part in the work of the German-Ukrainian DAAD autumn schools 2021 ”Lessons in Biomedicine Learnt from Nanotechnology and
Artificial Intelligence”. During the school, German and Ukrainian lectors will consider many topics, including:
 Dr. Olga Krebs, „Introduction to FAIR data management: general concepts and principles”
 Prof. Dr. Jörg Reiff-Stephan, “Data driven services for predictive applications”
 Prof. Dr. Heike Pospisil, “Deep Learning in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology”
 Prof. Dr. Dmitrij Frishman, “Using machine learning to explore the structure and function of transmembrane proteins”
More information can be found at the link.
Warning! To participate, you must submit an application.