Congratulations to the winners


In March-April 2024, two large-scale events in the world of sports programming took place: the First Final of the European Programming Championship and the Final of the 2023 World Student Programming Championship.
The Ukrainian delegation at the two competitions was led by an experienced coach from the Department of Software Engineering of NURE Oleksandr Vechur, who has always supported competition to stimulate team growth.
On March 22-25, 2024, the First Final of the European Programming Championship (ICPC) was held at the Czech Technical University in Prague.
The semifinals of the competition were attended by 442 teams, and only the best ones made it to the finals, including four teams from leading Ukrainian universities. These teams represented Ukraine in the Southeast region, and in particular, the team from NURE (KhNURE_KIVI Denysov Kostiantyn, Barenblat Ihor, Hrynenko Valeriy) won in their region for the first time in the history of the University. The team of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv became the Vice-Champion of Europe, outperforming many well-known European universities. Funding for the competition was provided by EPAM and Genesis, which allowed Ukrainian teams to participate. This great achievement reflects the high level of training and the ability of Ukrainian students to grow professionally and compete.
On April 18, 2024, the Final of the International Collegiate Programming Championship 2023 (ICPC World Finals 2023) was held in the Egyptian city of Luxor. The Ukrainian delegation was sponsored by Genesis and HUAWEI.
Ukrainian student teams performed better than universities from all over the world, including Melbourne, Singapore, Shanghai, Cambridge, Munich, Paris, Krakow, Warsaw, Stanford, Waterloo, Tokyo, and Taiwan, and were ranked among the top 25 teams in the world. The Ukrainian team solved nine tasks, the same number as the famous universities such as MIT and Oxford, and won a silver medal. The Ukrainian team showed that even in difficult times, Ukraine can form teams that compete with the world’s best universities. The experience gained has been recognized by other universities, and Ukrainian teams are now invited to all major world competitions.
Congratulations to the Associate Professor of the Department of Software Engineering, Oleksandr Vechur, under whose careful guidance the Ukrainian team achieved such high results at the competitions!