In the conditions of distance learning in engineering specialties, it is very important to maintain the level of practical training of future specialists and provide visual demonstrations of the operation of real devices.

Thanks to the international cooperation of Professor Avrunin’s scientific group, the Department of Biomedical Engineering purchased an innovative tool for web conferences, AverMedia Dualcam PW313D Full HD, which allows simultaneous shooting from two different angles due to the presence of two different digital cameras. The combination of a regular wide-angle webcam and a dock camera captures the lecturer and any object, device or laboratory device next to him on the table or in front of the teacher in real working mode. Such a combined camera system can be used for online training and video conferencing and is placed on the screen of a computer monitor or laptop with the help of a universal mounting clip or on a separate tripod, which allows you to ensure the optimal installation angle and field of view for each camera.

Even when studying online, the BMI department provides an opportunity for applicants to see the available medical equipment and get visual examples of its use through the organization of interactive communication using advanced forms of remote communication, which is implemented through specialized hardware and software.