Specialty 171 – Electronics

Specialty 171 - ElectronicsArea: Engineering & Technology

Subject: Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Brief description of the specialty Electronics:
In the process of studying in the specialty “Electronic devices and systems” the principles of development, production and application of electronic devices and devices are studied.
Students of the educational program “Systems, Technologies and Computer Means of Multimedia” acquire theoretical and practical skills in the development and use of systems and technologies for creating multimedia, master the hardware and software for recording, processing and synthesizing it for the needs of the gaming, film, television and entertainment industry.

Skills and competencies that a graduate specialist will have Electronics:
1. Ability to develop electronic devices and systems of different types;
2. Ability to use the software for the development of electronic devices;
3. Ability to perform basic installation and testing of electronic devices;
4. Ability to work with basic technologies of manufacturing electronic devices and systems;
5. Ability to work with electronic devices used in various industries;
6. Ability to conduct experimental research of technological processes;
7. Development of systems and technologies for creating multimedia content, their application for the needs of the gaming, cinema, television and entertainment industry;
8. Development of sound recording systems, means of processing and editing sound, their use for sounding videos, recording and synthesizing sound accompaniment of the environment;
9. Designing audio and video complexes, sound systems for rooms: concert and conference halls, cinemas, entertainment centers, as well as their practical operation during mass events;
10. Work with photo and video equipment, practical skills in working with photo and video cameras, processing and editing in GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere;
11. Development of technical means for creating computer 2D-, 3D-graphics and animation, post-processing video and 3D-graphics, working with VFX visual effects, as well as their use for creating multimedia;
12. Development of multimedia applications.