Specialty 153 – Micro and Nanosystem Technology

Area: Natural Science

Subject: Materials Science

Brief description of specialty Micro and nanoengineering:
In the process of studying in the specialty “Micro and nanoelectric engineering” the processes of development, production and application of microelectronic and semiconductor devices and devices are studied.

Skills and competencies that a graduate specialist will have  Micro and Nanotechnology:
1. The ability to develop semiconductor and microelectronic devices and integrated circuits of various functional purposes;
2. Ability to use the software for the development of micro and nano-electronic devices;
3. Ability to carry out basic operations of installation and testing of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits;
4. Ability to use modern scientific and technical information systems; conduct thematic information and patent search;
5. Possession of basic technologies of manufacture of micro and nano-electronic devices and IP;
6. Ability to conduct experimental research of technological processes.