Specialty 152 – Metrology and information-measuring technique

Specialty 152 - Metrology and information-measuring techniqueArea: Engineering & Technology

Subject: Metrology

Brief description of the specialty Metrology and Information Technology:
On the specialty “Metrology and Information and Measurement Technology” students study the principles of construction of information-measuring systems, advanced technologies for the creation of intelligent metering equipment with the use of modern programming languages, principles of testing and certification of software, methods and tools for measuring electrical, magnetic, radio and non-electrical quantities, questions of theoretical, legislative and applied metrology.

Skills and competencies that a graduate specialist will possess Metrology and Information Technology:
1. The ability to design and design modern information and measurement systems using the technologies of creating intelligent metering equipment and modern programming languages;
2. Ability to test and certify software and develop methods for conducting them;
3. Ability to carry out calibration and calibration of measuring equipment.