Specialty 126 – Information Systems and Technologies

Area: Engineering & Technology

Subject:  Computer Science & Information Systems

Brief description of the specialty Information systems and technologies:
The main focus of the specialization “Information Systems and Technologies” is the development and practical use of information technology with an emphasis on Internet of things, Cloud services, Big Data.

In the process of studying in the specialty Information Systems and Technologies are being studied:
1. Fundamentals of information systems development;
2. Technologies of systems development Internet of Things;
3. Technologies for developing systems with cloud architecture;
4. Basics of database design and management of Big Data;
5. Object-oriented programming;
6. System programming;
7. Programming in Java, C ++, C #; Python;
8. Computer networks and network technologies;
9. Technologies of organization of information storage;
10. Fundamentals of Project Management and Agile Technologies.