Specialty 122 – Computer Science

Specialty 122 - Computer Science

In the learning process, learn:
1. Principles of the exchange and processing of information in various systems (technical, information, organizational);
2. Methods of organization of information storage, technology for the development, implementation and modernization of information systems;
programming languages, databases, computer networks, system analysis, Data & amp; TextMining, ProjectManagement, Ajile, MBaaS, MachineLearning, QA;
3. Designing and developing information and intelligence systems, information technologies with application of analysis methods and technologies of systems development at all stages of designing. Designing and creating new software and information systems (programming languages ​​C, C ++, C #, Java …);
4. Management of IT projects;
5. Development of Internet sites based on the knowledge of Internet technologies, Web technologies, HTML, CSS, Java, etc .;
6. Development of computer games (logic, plot, graphics);
7. Development of systems of corporate level;
8. Development of mobile applications for Android, Windows Phone, iOS;
9. Development and administration of databases, both relational and document-oriented (Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB);
10. Software Testing.

Graduate by specialty Computer science can work :
1. Business analyst;
2. Position of analyst of computer systems;
3. Project Manager;
4. The developer of intellectual and information systems;
5. System Architect;
6. Java Programmer, C ++, C #, PHP;
7. Specialist in QualityControl, QualityAssurance;
8. Developer and administrator of MySQL, Oracle databases;
9. System Administrator.

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