The Master Degree Programs’ duration is 1.5 or 2 years after Bachelor degree Program in KNURE or other universities. The duration of master programs depends on student’s choice.

Master of Economics. Current 1,5 year syllabus is designed to cover the very latest knowledge in Economics. The syllabus is updated every year, but this list will give you a guide to the range of courses offered at present.

The main subjects. Basics of Scientific Research, Organization of Science and Copyright, Economic Diagnostics, Innovative Development of an Enterprise, Global Economics, Information Management, Management of Development Potential of the Enterprise, Management of Informatization Project, Mathematical Methods and Models of Market Economy, Modelling in Socio-Economic Systems Management, Modelling of Business Processes, Modelling of Economic Dynamics, Modern Economical Theories.

Preparation and defense of MSc Degree Thesis. The thesis is an independent and individual research into a specific problem in Econometrics, Economic Modeling, Forecasting, Methods of Making Decisions, and Methods of Marketing Researches, etc.

Careers. Graduates from the MSc program in Economics find employment in both industrial and academic sectors, and may continue to PhD research either in our university or in other renowned universities. In the industrial sector our graduates become a head of the small-scale enterprises, computer programmer, economist, engineer of new technique and technology implementation, professional in the field of economics, specialist in other computing fields, lecturer in the institutions of the secondary and higher education.

Entry requirements: It is expected that a Bachelor Degree applicant has a secondary school certificate (see Admission Procedure). Any student, holding Bachelor Degree in Enterprise Economy, Business Accounting, Finances and Credits,   Business   Administration can   be   admitted   to   Master    Programs (see Admission Procedure).