About distance learning in polls


Distance learning causes mixed feelings among our students. Some people like to sit at home, listen to a lecture under a blanket, while drinking tea, and some people do not have enough live communication with teachers and classmates. And it is difficult to concentrate on studying at home. We have found out what our students think about distance learning, and we are eager to share the results.

We conducted a number of surveys in the telegram channel “Looking for a company KhNURE”, which relate to various aspects of distance learning.

1. The first one is “Do you like to study remotely?

36% – There are cons, but overall – yes

25% – Most likely not

20% – Absolutely not like

13% – Yes, absolutely

6% – Difficult to answer

2. “Does the home environment distract from studying lecture material, doing labs?”

39% – Difficult, but I manage

32% – Yes, I can’t concentrate

18% – Almost no distractions

11% – On the contrary, it has become easier to learn

About distance learning in polls

The lack of concentration on study, which happens within the university, is one of the main problems of distance learning. You may forget to check in, then you will be distracted 10 times during the lecture in order to drink tea or pet your pet.  More on other flaws in the next survey.

3. “Note the advantages of distance”

74% – No need to go across the city to the university

74% – You can eat /drink coffee/tea for a couple and no one will make a comment

45% – It’s easier to visit couples on time

38% – Permanent access to training materials on the site dl.nure.ua

27% – It became easier to protect the labs

18% – It’s easier to be in touch with teachers, the ability to ask questions directly in chat without hesitation

About distance learning in polls

Students are not students, if among the most common answers would not be “Eat during a lecture”.

5. “What are the disadvantages of remote control for you?”

61% – More tasks from teachers

49% – Lack of live communication

48% – I can forget about classes without reminders and alarm clocks

42% – decreased motivation to study without full–time classes at the University

33% – Difficulties when using a distance learning site

30% – Just miss KhNURE

26% – Harder to protect labs

5. “What (who) do you miss most during quarantine?”

67% – Walking after couples

50% – Normal sleep, which went astray

47% – Favorite classmates

19% – Kitty Moora

14% – Favorite teachers

14% – Coffee from the buffet

12% – Food from the canteen

9% – Events in KhNURE


We thank students for participating in surveys, thanks to which once again you can make sure that distance learning is not a continuous negative, and in this format there are advantages.


Daria Pryadka