Volodymyr M. Oleynikov

Cand. Sc. (Technology), Professor, Department of Media Engineering and Information Radio Electronic Systems.
Volodymyr M. Oleynikov

+38 (057) 702-15-87


ORCID iD: 0000-0001-7197-9760
Researcher ID: E-1743-2018
Scopus ID: 9535153800


Cand. Sc. (Technology), speciality 05.12.04 – Radio location and radio navigation. The dissertation topic: “The initial radius of the meteor trail and its effect on the visibility of radio meteors”.

Academic work

Lecture courses: “Design of radio communication equipment”, “EMC of devices and systems”, “Cable and satellite communications systems”.

Scientific work

Research interests – radar studies of atmospheric dynamical processes, design of hardware and software for geophysical research. He took part in the development and putting into operation of several models of vertical radar atmosphere sensing. Studies of atmospheric dynamic processes are conducted using the developed equipment in a number of international programs. He supervises student researches. Dr. Volodymyr M. Oleynikov has trained two Candidates of Science (Technology), is supervisor of one post-graduate student.

Publications and patents

75 publications, three research projects.

  1. V.N. Oleynikov, M.I. Slipchenko, O.A. Solyanik Radiolocation observations of dynamic processes in tropo-stratosphere // Radiotechnika. – All-Ukr. interagency sc. coll. articles. – 2006. – Issue 146. – PP. 136-155.
  2. A.N. Oleynikov, V.M. Oleynikov and al. Radiometeor investigations of atmosphere dynamics in Kharkiv // Radiotechnika. – All-Ukr. interagency sc. coll. articles. – 2006. – Issue 146. – PP. 24-43.