Gryshko Svitlana

PhD, associate professor of Department of Economic Сybernetics and Management of Economic Security in Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (NURE)
Gryshko Svitlana

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ORCID iD:0000-0002-0894-5549
Researcher ID: W-1326-2017
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1995 – Master of science, Master of Economics at Kharkiv State Academy of Urban Economy;
1998 – PhD in Economics, Kharkiv National University of Economics;
From 2001 till present time – associate professor at the Department of Economic Сybernetics and Management of Economic Security, KNURE.


Training courses: Labour Economics, Logistics, E-commerce, Conflictology, Corporate Conflicts and Conflict Management Techniques, Business Planning.


The research is focused on issues of IT market research, innovations, sustainable development; technical and economic assessment, business plans and strategies for IT products and services; financial and economic analysis of the enterprise activity; developing the mechanisms of financial stimulation and support of human resources including those enabling the quality assurance of higher education.
Scientific interests: Mind Robots, Management in AI, Industry 4.0
Research elaborations were applied to the implemented cross disciplinary projects such as Perspectives of Region Development, Alternative Energy, Higher Education; Introduction of Lean Industry Concept in Kharkiv Enterprises, projects aimed at the modernization of higher education in Ukraine.
1. National Project of Ukraine “Clean City” since 2011.
Position: researcher, business-analytic, leader of developing group.
2. Lean production Industry concept in Kharkov Bearing Plant, 2011.
Position: researcher, leader of developing group.

International projects and programmes

Participated in educational and research projects as expert in economic and academic issues, teacher, co-editor of the text-book, developer of the Laws and Ministry Decrees on Higher Education in aspects of economics and innovations.
1. Joint Virtual Study Programme in the field of Information Technologies “European Virtual Venture” (2006 – today).
2. EU Tempus Tacis Project 516935-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-FITEMPUS-SMGR (2011-2015) “Towards Trust in Quality Assurance Systems”.

Publications and patents

List of publications registered at Google Scholar.

1. Gryshko, S. Preconditions of solar power engineering development in Ukraine / Proceedings of XI International Conference on the Improvement of the Quality, Reliability And Long Usage of Technical Systems and Technological Processes Eilat, Israael. - 2013. – p.86 - 90
2. Gryshko, S., Ubarova Е. Assets management based on the QRS-анализа (in Russian) / Economics: theoretical and practical issues. – 262: Volume VII. – Dnipropetrovsk: DNU, 2010. – 316p. (pp.1775 – 1781).
3. Gryshko, S. Modeling the processes of industrial logistics in industrial enterprises / Economics and management of machine building enterprises: theoretical and practical issues, №1 (5), 2009. – p.31 – 43
4. “Trust as main paradigm of QA in HE of Ukraine”, Theoretical and methodological magazine “Higher Education of Ukraine”. - 2012. - №3, Volume 1 - p.49 - 52 ISSN 2078-1016.

Books and manuals:
1. Gryshko, S. (2014) How to create public demand for the quality of higher education and how to reestablish the trust to the quality assurance system in Ukraine? / Quality matters: how to value and evaluate higher education, Lviv 2014. – p.34-45
2. «Thought about necessity to develop Culture of Quality Assurance within Post-Soviet society» (in Russian) // «Quality Matters: How to Value and Evaluate Higher Education» - Lviv: Manuscript, 2014. - P.46-57.
3. “Research of innovative potential of HEIs as vector of interactivity “University – Enterprise”” (in Russian) // «Quality Matters: How to Value and Evaluate Higher Education» - Lviv: Manuscript, 2014. - P.381-539.
4. «Quality Assurance in Higher Education via Structural Changes of the System» (in Russian) // «We share because we care: reloading the process of quality assurance in the Ukrainian Higher Education» - Lviv: Manuscript, 2014. - P.17-32.
5. «Procedures for Management of Innovations» (in Russian) // «We share because we care: reloading the process of quality assurance in the Ukrainian Higher Education» - Lviv: Manuscript, 2014. - P.69-101.

Edited books:
1. Gryshko S., Dobko T., Kaikova O., Terziyan V., Tiihonen T. (Eds.), "We Share Because we Care": Reloading the Processes of Quality Assurance in the Ukrainian Higher Education, EU- Tempus Project 516935-TEMPUS- 1-2011- 1-FITEMPUS- SMGR: “Towards Trust in Quality Assurance Systems”, Lviv, “Manuscript” Publ., 2014, ISBN 978-966- 2400-38- 0, 168 pp.

PhD Thesis:
1. Gryshko S.V. "Improvement the Price Policy at the Enterprises within the Transformational Economy", specialty 08.06.01 - Economics, organization and management of the enterprise. Kharkiv National University of Economics, Kharkiv, 1998.