Dmytro Eduardovych Sytnikov

Candidate of engineering sciences, Professor of Systems Engineering Department, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KhNURE)
Dmytro Eduardovych Sytnikov

+38 (057) 702-10-06

ORCID iD: 0000-0003-1240-7900
Researcher ID: D-8277-2018
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Education and work experience

1988 – engineer-mathematician, Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics (KIRE), speciality – applied mathematics.
1991 – Ph.D., Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics (KIRE): speciality 05.25.05 – information systems and processes.
1992 – senior researcher (KIRE)
1996 г. – associate professor of the Department for Informatics, Information Systems and Processes (KSIC).
2000 – Head of Department for Information and Documentary Systems (KSAC).
2017 г. – professor of Systems Engineering Department (NURE).


Lecture courses: methods and tools for the analysis of multivariate data, special chapters of information technologies for systems engineering, Systems Analysis, Numerical methods, Introduction to Speciality.


Research interests: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, data logical modelling, decision making with data uncertainties.
Research results: prof Sytnikov has developed methods for solving logic equations with parameters, methods for generating association rules in databases, algebraic methods for the description of information objects in the context of rough set theory.
Ph. D. student supervisor, speciality “05.13.23 – artificial intelligence systems and tools” – O.Titova (2005).

International activities

Prof Sytnikov has been many times invited for delivering lectures, supervising seminars, organizing international conferences and supervising master students in institutes of Italy, the UK and Japan.
He has been invited as a guest editor by the international journals “Expert Systems” and “International Journal for Infonomics”.

Publications and patents

Prof Sytnikov has more than 130 scientific publications.