Oleksandr V. Grigoriev

Candidate of Sciences (Technology), Associate Professor of the Department of Media Systems and Technologies (MST).
Oleksandr V. Grigoriev

+38 (057) 702-13-78

ORCID iD: 0000-0001-6467-7983


1996 – Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Hardware Design.

1989 – Candidate of Sciences (Technology) at Kharkiv State University of Radio Electronics, speciality 05.13.06 – Automated Control Systems and Advanced Information Technologies, thesis: ”Organization Principles and Basics of Intelligent Language Converters Programming in Automated Control Systems”.

1979 – electronic computer equipment design engineer, Kharkiv Institute of  Radio Electronics, majoring in “Electronic Computer Equipment Design”, thesis “Vibration Level Controller”.

Educational Activities

He prepared the following lecture courses: “Printed Publications Layout Design”, “Printing Methods of Protection”, “Scientific Research Basics”, “Printed Publications Technology”, “Theoretical Foundations of Materials Science and Printing”, “Printing Production Design and Calculation”, “Technology and Equipment for Printing and Post-Printing Processes”.

Scientific Work

His research interests include opportunity analysis of modeling properties of printed materials during their production, application and usage, opportunity research for system state value which ensures printed product quality in an operating enterprise.

Scientific and Technical Achievements

A radiation-resistant system of optical condition monitoring of fuel assemblies after they’ve been removed from a spent fuel pond at the atomic power station.

Personnel Training

He trained four masters in the speciality “Printed Publications Technology” and one master in the speciality “Computer Technologies and Systems in Publishing and Printing”.

Publications and patents

He made 28 publications, 1 teaching aid, 2 inventions.

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