Pokrovskiy Anatoliy Nikolaevich

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Philosophy department of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KhNURE).


He graduated from KhTURE with a specialty – computer and intellectual systems and networks and got a degree at the Philosophy Department, specializing in philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture.
In 2003 he defended his PhD thesis on “Reproduction of man-mass in the conditions of technogenic civilization”.
Since 1998, he worked at the Philosophy Department as an intern-researcher. After graduating from postgraduate studies worked as assistant, assistant professor. Currently he is an associate professor.

Academic work

He teaches courses: philosophy, sociology, history of science and technology, philosophical problems of scientific knowledge, philosophy and methodology of modern science (for postgraduate students).

Scientific work

The field of scientific interests is the problem of human existence in the conditions of anthropogenic civilization; dysfunctionality of the current socio-cultural system.

Publications and patents

He has more than 30 scientific and methodical publications, including "To the problem of conceptual disunity of the foundations of sociohumanitarian knowledge" (2016), "To the question of the opposition of engineering and conceptualizing approaches in the development of sociohumanitarian knowledge" (2017), "The problem of cultural transformations in the process of information
society development"(2017).