Lidiya A. Tikhonova

Ph.D. in Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor
Lidiya A. Tikhonova

+38 057 70 21 465

ORCID iD: 0000-0003-3954-0250


She graduated from faculty of Economics and post-graduate studies at the Department of Socio-Political Theory of Kharkov State University. In 1987 she defended her thesis.
Since 1981 she has been working at KNURE at Department of Political Science, then at Department of Philosophy as assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, professor.

Educational work

She teaches courses: philosophy, political science, political problems of modern society.

Scientific work

The field of scientific interests is philosophical problems of socio-political transformations in modern society.

Publications and patents

She has more than 50 scientific and methodical publications. Among the last articles are: "Social and political transformations in the information age: human freedom and security as development priorities" (2015), "Globalization and Information Factors of State Transformation" (2016), "Political Transformations in the Information Age: Universalism VS Particularization" ( 2016) "Information and globalization factors of the transformation of the modern state" (2016), "Manageability and spontaneity as problems of the development of democracy in the information society" (2017), "Political and power modifications in the information age "(2017); monographs (in co-authorship): "Problems of transformation of identity in the processes of globalization of society" (2015), "Philosophical problems of socio-cultural transformations in the information age" (2017) textbook "Political Science" (2014).