Korobkina Tatyana Vladimirovna

Ph.D. in Philosophy, Professor of the Philosophy Department, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE), Head of the Gender Education Center.


Graduated from the Department of Psychology of A.M. Gorky Kharkiv National University, and graduate school at the philosophy department of this university.

In 1994,  defended her Ph.D. thesis “The Phenomenon of Intuition. Philosophical-methodological analysis “on the specialty of philosophical problems of natural science.

Academic work

The author of the manual and methodical recommendations on the course “Social psychology”, methodical recommendations on the courses “Psychology and pedagogy of higher education”, “Gender psychology”, etc. Developed and read the author’s courses “Social Psychology and Conflictology”, “Psychology of Management”, “Psychological and Pedagogical Problems of Scientific and Pedagogical Activity”.

Scientific work

Scientific interests: philosophical anthropology, psychological problems of creative activity, philosophical and psychological aspects of the phenomenon of intuition, social and gender psychology, humanistic and existential direction in psychological counseling, philosophical and psychological aspects of inclusive education.

Publications and patents

The author of 2 monographs (one in co-authorship) and a textbook published under the stamp of MES of Ukraine.  Participated in many scientific international conferences, has more than 50 publications in intercollegiate scientific collections, journals and other Ukrainian and foreign publications, including: "Methodology of comprehension of the theme" social structures of modern society "in social science courses of higher education", "The Concept of Ken Wilber's Integral Approach", “James Fowler's "Concept of the" Development of Faith "and Ken Wilber's Development Stage", «Psychological theory of K. Rogers and V. Francle: philosophical and anthropological bases».