Halina G. Starikova

Ph.D, Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy
Halina G. Starikova

main building, 3rd floor, room 363

+38 (057) 70 21 465


ORCID iD: 0000-0002-3229-1442
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She graduated from Kharkov’s musicians college and from the KSU them. A.M. Gorkiy, Department of Psychology and postgraduated from the KNURE Department of Philosophy.

She defended her dissertation on “The personality unconscious knowledge” topic by “ontology, epistemology, phenomenology” specialty in 2001.

Educational work

She works in KNURE since 1989 as an assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor of philosophy. Teaches courses “philosophy”, “psychology”, ”philosophy of science”, “logic”, “pedagogy”, “sociology”, “politology”, “image of modern spatiality”, “etic and esthetic”.

Scientific work

Research interests – philosophical anthropology, role the unconscious knowledge in personal and scientific research.

Public and international activities

She is the head of the KNURE student’s philosophy society.