Mykhailo P. Kukhtin

Ph.D., Associate Professor of Department of Photonics and Laser Engineering (PLE), Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KhNURE).
Mykhailo P. Kukhtin

+38 (096) 518-74-07

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-4771-0873


1969 – engineer-radiophysicist, Kharkiv state university of mining machinery, automatics and computing
1969-1972 –postgraduate study at the department of microwave physics
1972-1977 – chief engineer of SRS at the department of microwave physics
1977-1980 – chief scientist at the department of microwave physics
1980 – assistant at the department of microwave physics
1991 – Cand. of Phys.-Math. sciences
2006 – associate professor at the department of Physical Foundation of electronic engineering

Educational work

Courses of lectures: lasers in medicine and ecology, design and engineering of electronic equipment, digital holography and tomography, quantum electronics and quantum computers.

Scientific work

Main scientific directions – interaction between electromagnetic radiation and matter, development of elements for microwave devices, scattering of electromagnetic waves on metallic resonance inhomogeneities under normal and cryogenic temperatures.

Publications and patents

More than 70 publication, that include 3 textbooks (2 with stamp of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine)