Alina S. Nechyporenko

Dr. Alina Nechyporenko, PhD., Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering Department and Doctoral student of Software Engineering Department of KNURE
Alina S. Nechyporenko


Dr. A. Nechyporenko delivers lectures: “Fundamentals of biotechnical systems”, “Fundamentals of biotechnical systems design”.
Research interest:
Dr. Alina Nechyporenko owns a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, with extensive experience in biomedical systems design and medical data mining. She has 68 scientific publications, among them 24 publications in international scientific journals and 4 patents, she participated more than in 30 international conferences and exhibitions of medical equipment. Her main research interest is design and development of medical intelligent software and hardware systems.
Public and international activities:
Dr. Alina Nechyporenko is IEEE EMBS Member. She is faculty member of international consensus conference on function tests of the nasal airway (Riga, 2 nd November 2016). She took part in the international exhibitions of medical equipment, among them “Software and hardware system for nasal breathing assessment”, “ERS 2016”, Stockholm, Sweden, 3-7 July, 2016.

Publications and patents
  1.  A. Yerokhin, A. Nechyporenko, A. Babii, A. Turuta, A New Intelligence-Based Approach for Rhinomanometric Data Processing, IEEE 36th International Conference on “Electronics and nanotechnology”, (2016), 198-201.
  2.  A. Yerokhin, A. Nechyporenko, A. Babii, A. Turuta, I. Mahdalina, Usage of Phase Space Diagram to Finding Significant Features of Rhinomanometric Signals, Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Sciences and Information Technologies, Lviv, Ukraine, (2016), 70-73.
  3.  A.L. Yerokhin, A.S. Babii, A.S. Nechyporenko, O.P. Turuta, A Lars-Based Method of the Construction of a Fuzzy Regression Model for the Selection of Significant Features, Cybernetics and Systems Analysis, Vol. 52, Issue 4, (2016), 641–646.
  4.  A. Nechyporenko Rhinomanometric signal processing for selection of formalized diagnostic criterion in rhinology Telecommunications and Radio Engineering, Vol 74, № 14, (2015) – P. 1285-1294
  5.  A.S. Nechyporenko, O.G. Garyuk, V.V. Chmovzh, O.B. Kasyanenko, Patent № 107854, Ukraine. The method of measuring differential pressure for the assessment of nasal breathing, (2015)