Antonina I. Rybalka

Ph.D., (Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Assistant Professor, Department of Phisics, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (NURE).
Antonina I. Rybalka

Nauki av., 14

+38 057 702 13 45

Other information

Born: June 15, 1946
Hobbies: She enjoys the theater, visit museums and exhibitions. Takes tours of the beautiful cities of Ukraine and abroad. Received numerous prizes at the exhibitions of creative works (photography) at the university


1969 – physicist, Kharkov State University, Department of Physics, specialty – optics.

1972 – Graduate School, Department of Physical Optics, Kharkov State University.

1978 – Ph.D. (Cand. Sc (Physics and Mathematics).

1987 – Assistant of the Department of Physics KNURE.

1992 – Associate Professor of Physics KNURE.

Educational work

Lecture course on “Physics” for students majoring in “ Systems of Technical Information Security” , “Applied Mathematics” and “Radio Engineering”.

Scientific work

Her research interests include experimental studies using electro-optical systems.

Awards and Prizes

Twice won the title of "KNURE – the best in the profession", in 2003 she was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science for many years of hard work, personal contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists, productive
scientific and pedagogical activity.

Publications and patents

She has more than 40 scientific articles. In co-written many textbooks for students, applicants and participants of training courses.
Major publications:

  1. Элементарная физика в примерах и задачах. Учебник. А.Д.Тевяшев, А.И. Рыбалка, И.Н. Кибец, В.А. Стороженко.-Харков:ХНУРЭ, 2005.- 628с.
  2. Загальна фізика з прикладами і задачами. Механіка та молекулярна фізика. Навчальний посібник/Упоряд.: Стороженко В.О., Кібець І.М., Рибалка А.І. –Харків:ХНУРЕ, 2006, - 600с.
  3. Загальна фізика з прикладми і задачами. Електрика та магнетизм. Навчальний посібник/Упоряд.: Стороженко В.О., Кібець І.М., Рибалка А.І. –Харків:ХНУРЕ, 2009,- 605 с.
  4. Методичні вказівки до ПЗ з курсу фізики. Частина 1./Упоряд. Рибалка А.І. та ін. –Харків:ХНУРЕ, 2001. -60с.
  5. Методичні вказівки до ПЗ з курсу фізики. Частина 2./Упоряд. Рибалка А.І. та ін. –Харків:ХНУРЕ, 2001. -61с.