Planting of «Avenue of the World» in the framework of the action«Plant Your Tree»


A large, green tree old times symbolizes prosperity, health and love. The best way to show these feelings to the family and friends is to plant a tree together. You can plant the sapling by the whole family, class, a University team or friends.

In the framework of the action «Plant your tree», aimed at greening our city, students of the Preparatory Department with senior teacher Matveeva G.S. took part in planting of «Avenue of the world» in the Central Park named Gorky, 27.04.2014

«Lessons of kindness»

In the framework of the «Lessons of Kindness», organized by the Kharkiv citizens, foreign students with all their hearts responded to the request of Director of the Kharkiv Zoo A.Y. Grigor’ev. Visiting the Zoo they rendered support for keeping animals.

Such events contribute to the life of Kharkiv, but also contribute to the strengthening of friendship between citizens of different countries, involving them in the traditions of the city and Ukraine. Such events help international students to feel themselves as a part of a large student family of our University.


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