Svetlana Chumachenko

Svetlana Chumachenko
Head of Design Automation Department, Member of EMC, Member of STC, executive Secretary of “Radioelectronics & Informatics” Journal, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
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Education and Career

1986-1991 – Kharkov State University (now – Kharkov National University named after V.N. Karazin), Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty, specialty – “mathematics”, qualification – mathematician, mathematics teacher, diploma UV № 819994, Degree thesis – “Toroidal functions and some of its applications”.

1992–1993mathematician-programmer, Scientific and practical Lab, Kharkov National University named after V.N. Karazin

1993–1995 – Assistant Professor, Preparatory Faculty for foreign citizens, Kharkov National University named after V.N. Karazin;

1994-1997 – post-graduate student of Theoretical Radiophysics Department,

Kharkov National University named after V.N. Karazin.

1998–1999 – Engineer, Design Automation Department, Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics;

1999 – PhD (Physics and Mathematics), diploma DK № 006036, 15.03.2000, Kharkov State Technical University of Radio Electronics (now – Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics), specialty 01.04.03 – “radiophysics”, PhD thesis – “Stationary oscillations and time-varying electromagnetic fields in the cylindrical cavities of the complicated form”.

2002 – Associate Professor (Certificate Ministry of Education DC № 005494 from 17.10.2002)

2002-2005 – Post Doc, Design Automation Department, School of Computer Engineering and Control, Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics.

2008 – Dr. of Science, diploma DD № 007283, 28.04.2009; Dr thesis – “Modeling nonlinear objects with the distributed parameters on the basis of reproducing kernels”, specialty 01.05.02 – “mathematical modelling and computing methods”; Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics.

2009–2012 – professor of Design Automation Department, Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics, full professor (Certificate Ministry of Education 12 ПР № 007157, 01.07.2011);

2012 – for now – head of Design Automation Department, Professor, Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics;


2005–2013, 2016 – Deputy Dean (Reseach), Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control, Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics (part-time);

2002–2011 – Associate Professor, Adjunct Professor of International Solomon University (part-time).

Educational activity

Teaches courses: “Fundamentals of Discrete Mathematics”, “Special sections of mathematics”, “Special sections of discrete mathematics”, “Higher mathematics (special sections)”, “Fundamentals of scientific research, organization of science and copyright”, “Methods of scientific research”, “Big Data Analytics”.

Research activities

2007–2008 – Responsible executor of state research “Energy-efficient information technology based on parallel computing processes, wireless systems and networks», № GR 0107U001540;

2009–2010 – Responsible executor of state research “Models of software and hardware design energy-saving digital computing SoC to simulate and enhance the functionality of a human on an example of a complex robotic”;

2011–2013 – Responsible executor of state research “Multiprocessor search, pattern recognition and decision making for information computer Ecosystems”;

2011 contract research “Development of a conceptual model for the process of digital systems projects verification with limitations in the UPF format for efficient electricity consumption” (customer – Aldek-KTS, supervisor);

2012–2014 state budgetary fundamental research “Personal Virtual Cyber ​​Computer and Infrastructure for Analysis of Cyber ​​Space” No. 0112U000209 (supervisor);

2015-2017 state budgetary research “Cyber Physical System – Smart Cloud Traffic Control”, № 0115U-000712 04.03.2015, responsible executor;

2017-2019 state budgetary research “Smart Cyber ​​University – Cloud-Mobile services for management of scientific and educational processes” (executor).

International activity

2000, 2005 – fundamental research within an Agreement cooperation on scientific and technical “Strategic partnership” with the firm Aldec Inc. (USA);

2011–2012 SEIDA BАITSE “Baltic Academic IT Security Exchange”, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.

2012–2016 – International project “Curricula Development for New Specialization: Master of Engineering in Microsystems Design 530785-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-PL-TEMPUS-JPCR” Priority – Curricula Reform. Project duration is 4 years: 15 October 2012 – 14 October 2016. EU funding instrument: Interregional Program European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument.

Social activities

Executive secretary of the scientific and technical journals “Radioelectronics and Informatics” (since 1999) and “Automated Control Systems and Automation Devices” (2000 – 2016).

Executive secretary of the Annual International Scientific Symposium “IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium” (2003 – for now)

Member of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on Technical Diagnostics (2009-2011).


According to the results of the regional competition “Talent Pool is a New Force of Ukraine” (2002)

S.V. Chumachenko is a holder of the third Degree Certificate which is included into the data base of the best specialists of the region. She got a diploma “The Best Lecturer of KhNURE of 2003”.

As a member of the research team she became a winner of the research projects competition in the area of computer-aided design of integrated circuits (from Intel Corporation, 2003).

S.V. Chumachenko is a holder of the City Award “The Best Young Scientist of Kharkiv” (the Diploma of the City Mayor) in the nomination “Scientific Activity” (2004).

She got a Certificate of Merit and a Certificate of Appreciation of the KhNURE Rector for steady and diligent work, for creative attitude to her duties (2004, 2005, 2010).

For significant achievements in science she got grants named after G.F. Proskura (in engineering sciences) from Kharkiv Regional Administration (2005). S.V. Chumachenko is a holder of the Certificate of International Recognition from IEEE Computer Society for voluntary work in organizing scientific symposia – “IEEE Certificate of Appreciation for Significant Services to East-West Design and Test Symposium for over Three Years” (2006).

For her long-term, conscientious work, for considerable contribution to the development of education and science, for training highly qualified specialists she was given a Certificate of Appreciation from the Dzerzhinsky District Administration (2010).

Publications and patents

She has more than 200 publications, including 5 monographs and sections in collective monographs, among them 2 – abroad in the publishing house Springer, 60 publications in Scopus scientific and metric database.