Artificial Intelligence Department (AI)

The Department of Artificial Intelligence is preparing:

  • Bachelors of specialty 122 – “Computer Science” specializing in: “Artificial Intelligence”, “Computer Science”;
  • Masters of specialty 122 ­­– “Computer Science” specializing in: “Artificial Intelligence Systems”;
  • Doctors of Philosophy, specialty 122 ­­– “Computer Science”, 05.13.23 “Systems and means of artificial intelligence”.

The training of specialists in the field of intellectual information systems in accordance with the curriculum agreed with European partners (Finnish and Dutch universities), the department began in 1995. The specialty was called “Intelligent decision-making systems (IDMS)”, which is now transformed into a modern specialization “Artificial Intelligence”/”Artificial Intelligence Systems”.

The branch of artificial intelligence is developing at a dizzying rate, so our department adapts curricula annually to international standards and challenges of the IT industry.

Technological progress has significantly changed our economy in the past generation and will change it even faster in the coming years. Artificial intelligence has become so impressive and powerful that experts predict with a 50 percent chance that artificial intelligence will be better than human, more or less all over the course of the next 45 years.

We are preparing developers of advanced machine intelligence and other technologies that embody science fiction in our reality.

Valentin Filatov


Valentin Filatov

Head of Department of Artificial Intelligence, Honored Science and Technology Figure of Ukraine, Scientific Supervisor of Center for Information Systems and Technology, Head of Specialized Academic Council, Member of EMC Presidium, section # 2 head of EMC, Member of STC Presidium, Editorial Board Member of «Innovative Technologies and Scientific Solutions for Industries», Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor