Scientific and educational research center “Mathematical modeling”

The Center was created with the purpose of developing fundamental and applied research in the field of new information technologies, mathematical modeling, informatization and automation of the educational process, artificial intelligence, to promote the most effective use of the scientific and pedagogical potential of the university, improve the preparation of students and scientific personnel: postgraduate students, doctoral students, scientists and teachers.

Objectives of the center:

  • realization of research works in the field of development of models and methods for constructing logical networks for the creation on their basis new parallel computers, methods that will increase the speed of information processing;
  • Preparation and publication of monographs, articles and reports, teaching aids and methodological instructions, scientific work by involving students to research in the field of developing new information technologies, preparing scientific publications, reports, exhibits, training highly qualified candidates and doctors of science;
  • Experience exchange in domestic and foreign research and educational institutions, universities.

The Center carries out various types of research and teaching activities, international scientific cooperation, training, etc. in the field of modeling and creation of intelligent automated training systems and artificial intelligence systems (development of mathematical models, methods, algorithms and software systems for the processing of naturally speech information) exchange of work experience in foreign research organizations, universities, laboratories by participating in scientific and technical work conferences, seminars, exhibitions with a scope to generalize information and increase the level of scientific research.

Director of the laboratory – Grigorij Chetverykov

room № 127

+38 (057) 702-14-77