Department of Language Training (LT)

The Preparatory Department was founded in 1992. The first head of the department was Candidate of philological science, professor L. K. Filatov. Since 2007 till now the head of the department is Candidate of pedagogical science, assistant professor T. I. Dementyeva.

Main functions of the department:

  • teaching foreigners of Ukrainian (Russian) as a foreign language in order to prepare them to enter Ukrainian higher educational establishments;
  • implementation of language training of foreign students in major specialities and postgraduates during the whole period of studying at KNURE according to the present curriculum;
  • organization, coordination and carrying out of educational work with foreign students, getting acquainted with the traditions and standards of Ukrainian way of life;
  • preparation and carrying out international scientific conferences and seminars, round tables, experience between the departments of the leading European universities.

The professional staff with the long-term experience is gathered at the department. Much attention is given to the advanced training of the academic staff training of young specialists, involving them into scientific work. Training aids and recommendations are worked out and published according to new trends in teaching methods of Ukrainian (Russian) as a foreign language.

Tetiana Dementieva


Tetiana Dementieva

Head of Language Training Department, Member of EMC, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor