Educational Program Information Management Technologies

The main areas of the educational program “Information Management Technologies” are:

  • information technology for the development and management of software projects;
  • information technology for the management and processing of large data (Big Data);
  • network and cloud technologies and the Internet of things.

In the learning process are studied:

Visual languages ​​and application development environments , Java programming technologies, quality management and testing software products, Internet programming framework, software refactoring, strategic management technology Project Management, Distributed Database Management System, Large Data Processing, Search Engines and SEOs, Mobile Technology and Internet of Things.

Key competences and skills that a bachelor’s degree in the Management Information Technology education program will have:

  1. Design, development and implementation of software and Information systems using OOP, Agile and cascading technologies (C ++, C #, ASP.NET, CoreJava, JDBC, Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban).
  2. Management of IT projects using Prince2, Pmbox design solutions.
  3. Development and promotion management Java applications, JavaScript, Spring Framework, CSS, HTML, Web-services (SOAP, REST), Oracle, Pl, and Web-based applications, based on object-oriented programming technologies, Web services and client-server technologies. PL/SQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Firebird).
  4. Quality management and automation of software testing (Jira, Trello, Jenkins).
  5. Computer analytics based on processing of large data (MapReduce, Hadoop).
  6. Managing computer networks and virtual resources in clouds environments Development of applications for cloud environments and the Internet of things FogComputing (MS Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud, GoogleCloud, PowerShell).
  7. Promotion of Web-based systems on the Internet and in social networks (SEO, SMM).

The graduate of the educational program “Information Management Technologies” can work:

1.  Management of projects.

2. Information technology and management systems developer.

3. Java Programmer, C++, C#, PHP.

4. Specialist in QualityControl, QualityAssurance.

5. Developer and administrator of MySQL databases, Oracle.

6. Specialist SEO.

7. System Administrator.

8. Cloud Data Processing Specialist.