Як взяти участь в ERASMUS+

Students wishing to come to Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics (NURE) on Erasmus+ exchange first should check with their university’s international office for existing agreements and name of contact persons of these agreements. After being selected by their own university students should contact one of the Erasmus+ Coordinators in KNURE:

Associate professor of Software Engineering Department, PhD, Chupryna Anastasiya


Associate professor of Software Engineering Department, PhD, Ilona Revenchuk


In case if you want to participate in Erasmus+ mobility, please send next documents:

  • two original copies of the Application Form;
  • the Learning Agreement;
  • one Transcript of Records.

Before the study period to the contact person of the relevant bilateral agreement first by e-mail and then by post. Please post it to the address of the KNURE and write the name of the contact person.


Winter Semester —30 June

Summer Semester —30 November