About NURE

Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics is located in Kharkiv city in the North-East of Ukraine. Kharkiv is the second largest city of Ukraine; it is a first-rate scientific industrial, trade and cultural center of the country.
The history of NURE begins in 1930 when Kharkiv Engineering-Building Institute was founded on the basis of building faculty of Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute and architectural faculty of Kharkiv Art Institute.In 1966 KIMBAC was given a name of Kharkiv Institute of Radioelectronics (KIRE).In 2001 the status of the University was advanced to the National University.And today, NURE is a leading technical university with the IV accreditation level in the country (highest).
The University currently serves more than 11,000 students,among them about 2000 students from over 50 countries of the world.140 professors and doctors of sciences and 310 PhD and professor assistantswork in NURE.Graduate students of our University work in 70 countries (the USA, Germany, England, Finland, France, Poland etc.).
In Ukrainian rankings, our university is#1 amongUkrainian technical universities 2012, the leader among Ukrainian Higher education institutions 2016, #1 of International cooperation, Ukraine 2016, in Top-25 best universities in Ukraine in 2016.
NURE has more than 130 foreign partners from Austria, Belgium, UK, China, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Poland, the USA, Finland, France, Sweden etc.
NURE also provide students with5doublediplomas programs with Finland, Sweden, UK and the Netherlands.
NURE is a reliable partner in international grant programs and projects of the EU (Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Youth in Action), the British Council, bilateral scientific and research projects, grants of private foundations. We are at the TOP of Ukrainian Tempus projects.
The Scientific Library of NURE is a modern educational and research informational support center with its large book and periodicals collection, expanding inventory of digital resources and the advanced service system for library users. The Library serves more than 30,000 users a year (including through the library web site); they borrow more than 600,000 books and other printed documents. The Library provides access to the electronic file collections (more then 450,000 downloads).
The Student Club ranks high among the clubs of Kharkiv universities, it is also a repeated champion and winner of Ukrainian and international festivals and competitions, besides it has more than 200 cups. It holds concerts and entertainment programs, charity actions, it unites more than 20 club formations.
The sports scene at NURE is big enough. As well as team games, water sports, martial arts, racket sports there are plenty of other more unusual sports available. Our student can choose any club, for instance: badminton, basketball, struggle, boxing, ski race, tennis, oriental martial arts, tourism, fencing, swimming and so on, as we welcome students of all ability levels.

There are 8 faculties in NURE:

  • • Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control;
  • • Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Management;
  • • Faculty of Automation and Computer Technologies;
  • • Faculty of Computer Sciences;
  • • Faculty of Telecommunications and Instrumentation;
  • • Faculty of Electronic Engineering;
  • • Faculty of Radio Engineering;
  • • Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training.

These departments offer high-quality courses in every one of their scientific disciplines, each inspired by innovative research.

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