Methodical department

Activity of a methodical department is directed on the organization and improvement of scientific – methodical work at university, on coordination of work of the methodical commissions of faculties and departments on scientific – methodical questions of their activity.


«V» building, room 244

+38 (057) 702-02-14

Ivan A. Milyutchenko

The Head of the department
Ivan A. Milyutchenko

Cand. of Sc., Assosiate Professor

Main functions

  • development of instructions, regulations and other documents aimed at optimizing the general methodological work,
  • analysis and monitoring of training and methodical support of the educational process in all areas of training (specialties) and forms of education,
  • coordinating the activities of methodical commissions monitoring the content of the educational process and operating in the structure of the university,
  • learning and transfer of best practices in scientific and teaching work to young teachers, organization of lectures, seminars, and schools for young teachers,
  • organization of joint work with faculties and departments on the implementation of modern educational technologies and methods of teaching in higher education,
  • development and implementation of plans for the publication of educational materials in areas of training (specialties) and monitoring of their realization,
  • work on rated criteria of university concerning type of methodical work,
  • informing the academic units of the University about external learning activities,
  • consultations on matters under the responsibility of the department (preparation of manuscripts for publication, and their expertise to meet the curriculum and programs of work, etc.)
  • participation in the organization of training of the teaching staff,
  • conducting documentation on the work of the department.
Methodical department