Educational Department (ED)

The Educational Department (ED) is a structural unit of the university which provides an optimum combination of the education aim and content, principles of organizing training and educational process according to the requirements of educational state standards in view of the achievements of scientific and technological progress, realization of the unified staff policy.


    Room 4a

    +38 (057) 702-16-40

    Iryna V. Svyd

    Head of Department
    Iryna V. Svyd

    Cand. Sc., Assosiate Professor

    Room 351

    +38 (057) 755-02-20

    Main functions

    Organization, planning, control, analysis and subsequent improvement of the training process at the university, namely:

    • study, generalization and popularization of the best practices of teaching, educational and methodological work, introduction of adequate measures and proposals into the teaching and educational process;
    • development jointly with the university administration of normative and legal documents for training process organization;
    • efficient development and introduction of necessary normative documentation on issues of training process organization;
    • making the payroll for university staff, distribution of the hour fund among departments;
    • systematic control over all forms of studies, development of proposals with respect to its improvement;
    • forming and maintaining databases for the timetable and calculation of the teaching load and lists of members of the professorial and teaching staff (PTS) for the university departments;
    • development jointly with deans of the schools of timetables and examination periods for students of all forms of studies and their maintenance;
    • making reports for the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine and the Kharkiv Region Education Department, Council of Rectors, Statistical Department;
    • organizing actions to make a report on work undertaken at university over the current academic year, a report on work undertaken at university over the calendar year (information for the rector’s report);
    • control and organization of record keeping as to the student base, primary record of the results of students’ knowledge testing;
    • systematic control over the activity of the KhNURE departments and providing them necessary methodological aid on issues of planning and implementing plans of educational and organizational work.