Scientific School of Radiofrequency and Infrared Diagnostics of Materials, Environments and Objects

The main research field presents oneself the foundation of new methods and technical facilities for physical and technical diagnostics of functional material in different industries, including agribusiness and biotechnology.

The school was founded in 1970 by Prof. Dmath. Yuri Emelyanovič Gordienko, academic of the academy of applied radio electronic science, Ukrainian distuinguished person of technical sciences.

Well know representatives of the school: DSc. N.I. Slipčenko, V.V. Starostenko, V. L. Kostenko, V.P. Oksanič, A.Yu Pančenko etc.

Dominant scientific concepts are based on theoretical and experimental studies of peculiarities of the interaction of electromagnetic waves and microwave waves and infrared ranges with the objects of study or engineering control.

The relevance of the scientific research is associated with the creation of new high electrodeless methods and instruments for none destructive multiparameter monitoring of semiconductor materials and structures for film development and construction of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits for various purposes.

From the innovations realized by the school it should be mentioned the rational and implemention in practice of microwave cavity diagnostic aperture transductors, which are constructed on the basis of a wide range of sensors and nonedestructive testing of materials. The most attractive is the development of modern theories of scanning and microwave microscopy on the basis of a coaxial resonator with microaperturoy propes.

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