Scientific School of Methodologies, Methods and Information Technology Development of Integrated and Web-Based Information Systems

Now the scientific school solved the fundamental and applied problems in the field of theoretical and methodological fundamentals of creating complex computer-integrated systems, complex systems and the integration of their elements, to create automated tools to support management decisions, adaptive integrated enterprise management systems, principles of design information and control systems.The Scientific School was founded in 1973 at the Department of Automated Control Systems, which is  now the Department of information management systems, by Prof. DScTech. Vladimir Sviridov (1937-1994), distinguished Ukrainian Scientist, based on the direction of “automated monitoring and control of complex systems”, which is a logical continuation of researches, that were conducted at the Department of ACS since 1965, when the industry first began to develop and implement various types of automated systems.

Works in the 1970s and 90s were conducted such as “control system as logistics” (SE “E-d them. Malysheva”), “The system of operational control” (W-d them. Shevchenko), “The system of operational control of crystal growth “(G-d of pure metals). One of the most important work was the R & D in the Far East, a single automated warning system and alert the public about tsunami waves of the sea, which was carried out in accordance with the Council of Ministers of the USSR. These researches were carried out by the leading scientists of Kharkov, Moscow and other cities in the country, and the coordinator of a department of ACS (KNURE).

The scientific School was developed under the guidance of Prof. DScTech. V.M. Levykina as a new scientific direction on the issue of formal system analysis tools, which allow category-level functor for describing the process of designing complex information systems, as well as their structure and condition.

In 1999, ICS has taken the initiative to create the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics of automated information-analytical system. Under the direction of DScTech. M.F. Bondarenko, Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine and laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, and Prof. DScTech. V.M. Levykina, employees of the Department, the school has developed information-analytical system “University” (IAS “University”), whose purpose was to develop an automated learning management system of higher educational establishments of Ukraine. With the help of IAS “The University” solved the problem of automation of many educational, administrative, and economic processes of the university, accounting and control of personnel of the institution controlling the course of the learning process full-time students, accounting and control of postgraduate and doctoral students, accounting and control research staff etc.

Subjects of research have traditionally been the basis of theses, bachelor’s and master’s works.

The school began its work outstanding scientists, doctors, V.G. Khodakov, B.I. Frost, V.P. Avramenko, S.F. Chaly, and others
The Head of the School is DScTEch. Viktor Kravchuk Levykin – Academician of Applied Radioelectronics of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, the author of more than 300 scientific papers, including two patents, and co-author of a textbook and 12 of textbooks, he prepared two doctors and 23 candidates of sciences.

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