Scientific School of Intelligent Processing of Information

The school was founded 1975 by DScTech. O.G. Rudenko. The scientists first developed theories and methods of designing specialized computers for rapid processing of large data arrays, based on a neural network approach, spline-fitting and functional recovery, which provides an opportunity to create new a generation of computer structures.

The developed methods synthesizing digital computer means of a new generation, allow you to convert a wide range of high productivity, a maximum speed of processing large streams of information in robotics, as well as in systems of manned aircraft of visual environment simulators of the Spaceman Training Center, named Yuri Gagarin, as in the systems of operational processing of satellite images and videos and environmental hazardous situations in the IT-industry.

The developments of the scientific school are dedicated to an important problems, such as the economic problem of digital technology, the problems of orientation of complex systems and information processing in real time. The school created a total set of theories, mathematic models and methods, which provide a high-level problem orientated computing means, for processing a mass of information in real time, using the scientific and technical solutions and advanced technologies, which improve the international authority of theUkraineas a high tech state. 

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