Kharkov Scientific School of Meteor Radar

The scientists developed the first school system Radar registrations of meteors in the Ukraine. Since 1957, the team developed several generations of meteor radar stations, and the theory of meteor phenomena and methods of observation and data processing approaches to the interpretation of results. For almost 50 years advanced applied aspects of meteor radar, use its results in geophysics and astronomy, communications, synchronization of time scales and frequencies.
Boris Leonidovich Kashcheev (1920-2004) was a Ukrainian researcher on meteor radio method, and  in 1980 honored as Worker of Science of Ukraine. He also founded the center of meteor research in Kharkiv and organized and directly took part in the implementation of the radar method of radar researches in the Ukraine. Over more he is a member of the European and Euro-Asian Astronomical Societies, Honorary Member Ukrainian Astronomical Association and a distinguished member of the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics Ukraine, Russiaand Belarus. The Minor planet number 6811 is named “Kashcheev.”

Famous members of the scientific school are the following Doctors of Technical Sciences: Yu Voloshchuk, Y. Koval, M.F. Lagutin, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences V.N. Lebedinets, A.D. Orlyanskiy, I.A. Lysenko,V.N.Buildings.

It should also be mentioned achievements in astronomical direction. Under the guidance of Prof. Y. Voloshchuk, the school created the world’s largest catalog of orbits of meteoroids (about 250,000 units) and a catalog of 5160 meteor showers that can be applied in the search for Earth-threatening asteroids. For the astronomical achievements of the school № 13 009 minor planets and the number assigned to the names of 10,681 “Voloshchuk” and “KhTURE.”

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