Scientific School of Bionic Intelligence

The main research field presents oneself the foundation of new a generation of computer equipment, that mathematical describes the patents of nature, the development of brain-like-computers, whose performance significantly exceed the performance of current computer systems.

The school of bionic intelligence was founded in 1963 by DScTech. Yuryj Petrovič Šabanovym-Kušnarenkom, Ukrainian distinguished person of technical sciences. From 1984 it prospered and developed under leadership of Prof. DScTech. Michail Fedorovič Bondarenko, rector of the Kharkov National University’s, Ukrainian distinguished person of technical sciences, correspondent of the Ukrainian National Academy of Science, president of the academy of radio electronic science.

More than 300 aspirants and about 30 doctors of technical science are members of the scientific school of bionic intelligence. In this school have already defended the following persons their dissertation: E.P. Putyanin, V.I. Khakhanov, V.Ya. Terziyan, N.V. Šaronova.

Innovations and discoveries: Development of a universal algebraic system of predicates, that mathematical describes the mechanism of human intellect on the realm of bionic intelligence. By foundation of perception models vision, hearing, assessment, language, concepts, is developed a resolver in form of a relational network, which effectively simulates human brains neural network activity. The work focuses on a creation of human brain-like structures for a wide application.

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