Scientific School of Applied Electrodynamics

The school works on researches concerning the wide complex of problems connected with theory and technology of antennas and diffusion of radio waves: statistic theory of antennas, adaptation of antenna arrays, streamlined antenna covers, antenna measurement, nonlinear element antennas, diagnostics of phased arrayed antennas, tropospheric and ionospheric horizon propagation radar, the Earth influence on the radar light of sight.

Was founded at the end of the 1950s at the military engineering Anti-Warcraft-Warefare-Academy of radio electronics, named L.A. Govorova. In the Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics, the  school was continued under leadership of Prof. DScTech. Yakov Solomonovič Šifrinyj, President of the national association “Antenny”, Ukarinian distinguished person of technical sciences and prize-winner of the A.C. Popova-Prize ofSoviet Union.

The following persons are popular representatives of the school: DScTech. L.G. Kornienko, V.G. Zamyatin, A.F. Maslov, V.A.Usin, B.M. Bachvalov, DMath. A.I. Lučaninov, V.V. Dolžikov etc.

Among other scientific achievements outstands the creation and development of the statistical antennas theory, which allowed for the first time during soviet times, an exploration of the full potential of antennas and real properties, that are essentially radiating systems which random sources. For the first time in the soviet union, the school implemented fundamental experimental studies of long-range tropospheric propagation radio waves (1955-1962). This led to a series of new regularities inherent in the TDR, to elucidate the role of various possible mechanisms of this phenomenon and to construct a new theory of antennas with nonlinear elements to create effective algorithms and programs for calculation of many types of antennas with lumped propagation.

Under the leadership of DScTech. Ya. Šifrina and with his support, about 25 dissertations and 50 aspirants finished the school. 

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