Scientific schools

Scientific School of Bionic Intelligence

The main research field presents oneself the foundation of new a generation of computer equipment, that mathematical describes the patents of nature, the development of brain-like-computers, whose performance significantly exceed the performance of current computer systems.

Scientific School of Applied Electrodynamics

The school works on researches concerning the wide complex of problems connected with theory and technology of antennas and diffusion of radio waves: statistic theory of antennas, adaptation of antenna arrays, streamlined antenna covers, antenna measurement, nonlinear element antennas, diagnostics of phased arrayed antennas, tropospheric and ionospheric horizon propagation radar, the Earth influence on the radar light of sight.

Scientific School of Radiofrequency and Infrared Diagnostics of Materials, Environments and Objects

The main research field presents oneself the foundation of new methods and technical facilities for physical and technical diagnostics of functional material in different industries, including agribusiness and biotechnology.

Scientific School of Intelligent Processing of Information

The school was founded 1975 by DScTech. O.G. Rudenko. The scientists first developed theories and methods of designing specialized computers for rapid processing of large data arrays, based on a neural network approach, spline-fitting and functional recovery, which provides an opportunity to create new a generation of computer structures.