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“New Collegium” today is a magazine for educators – professionals, educators, innovators, educators-beginners, for those who want to improve their professional skills, who feel the need to share their teaching experiences.


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    "New Collegium" is published according to the decision of the Council of Rectors of the Kharkov region and supported by the Department of Education and Science of Kharkov regional state administration.

    The concept of the edition involves creation of a common information space in education, highlighting opportunities for Ukrainian and foreign educational institutions of all forms and types, promotion of new educational technologies. The experience of teachers, practitioners, the latest achievements of pedagogical thought, psychological aspects of training, legal issues of education are elucidate on the pages of the magazine.

    The editorial board includes rectors of higher educational institutions, highly qualified specialists.

    By the results of the All-Ukrainian competition "High School - 2008" the magazine "New Collegium" was awarded to the Diploma of the First Class and of handing decorated with a gold medal.

    Ukrainian scientific informational magazine

    Year of foundation:



    the problems of Higher Education



    Certificate of State Registration:

    series CV-5064PR number 16592, April 30, 2010

    Specialized registration in HAC of Ukraine:

    Decision of HAC of Ukraine, 22.12.2010 № 1-05/8.

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    once a quarter


    Ukrainian, Russian, English

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    nationwide, foreign; experts and scholars in education


    KharkivNationalUniversityof Radio Electronics;
    Kharkiv National Pedagogical University named after G. S. Skovoroda

    Executive Editor:

    Kotuch Olga

    Novyi Kollegium