Department of Standardization, Metrology and Certification (SMC)

    Contact information

    Room 122

    +38 (057) 702-10-15

    Viktor Nikolaevich Zinkovsky

    Heads of Department
    Viktor Nikolaevich Zinkovsky

    Main Functions (activity directions):

    • Metrological support of developments and testing of scientific & technical products;
    • assurance of unity and required precision of measurements; support of constant readiness of measurement aids for carrying out measurements, introduction of new means and methods for measuring and control;
    • assurance of prompt direction of measurement aids (MA) to the State inspection;
    • introduction of the centralized account of MA, maintenance of the required exchange fund of MA, their redistribution between departments;
    • participation in carrying out standards-control over the state budget work reports  and standard technical documentation (STD);
    • organization and maintenance of MA, PC and office appliances to support constant readiness for operation;
    • execution of repairs of the MA used in educational and research work of the University;
    • consulting on the problems of standardization, STD preparation and contents; control and systematical management of standards introduction support;
    • participation in completing of standard funds and other standardization and certification guidance documents;
    • material and technical supplies of the RD;
    • realization of control over prompt amortization and withdraw of equipment at the University departments not used in the educational and research work;
    • assurance of wastes and precious metals scrap picking and their delivery to the State funds.
    Department of Standardization, Metrology and Certification (SMC)