Personnel Department, Research Department (PD RD)

    Contact information

    Room 515

    +38 (057) 702-19-39,
    +38 (057) 702-10-13

    Head of Department
    Nikolai Pavlovich Rudich

    Main Functions (activity directions):

    • activity on the provision of the subdivisions of Research Department with directing staff, specialists, technical workers and workers of the required professions, specialties and qualification;
    • work with the staff according to normative-legal acts (Constitution of Ukraine; Labor Code of Ukraine; Law of Ukraine “On Leaves of Absence” and other  normative-legal acts of law of employment and staff clerical work), local acts of the University (statute; internal rules and labor regulations; collective agreement; personnel department status; rector’s orders and directions);
    • work with the staff on protection of personal information according to the Low of Ukraine  “On Protection of Personal Information”, other normative –legal acts in the sphere of personal information protection, Regulations on personal information protection in the University.